Welcome to the Hyatt Family Adventures!

Hello and welcome to the blog of Hyatt Family Adventures!!

We are a family of five that decided to press pause and step off the hamster wheel of life in order to travel and explore the US for a year.  All while living out of our SUV.

family picture

As we travel we do our best to share and chronicle our experiences and thoughts. We are not professional story tellers by any means, but we try to offer a glimpse of the life we have chosen…at least for this year.  You can find us here on our blogYouTube, FacebookInstagram, Twitter and podcast.  It’s a learning process, but we’re doing our best and having fun with it. Help boost our travel morale by Subscribing, Liking, Following, Commenting and giving us a Thumbs up on our social media sites!

Thanks for stopping by and following our journey!

Go live your adventure!

The Hyatt’s
Hudson, CJ, Evy, Lea & Mei

HFA fam pic Palo Duro Canyon

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“It’s a dangerous business…going out of your door. You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you might be swept off to.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

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