A Welcome, by Hudson

Thank you so much for being interested in our little tribe! Maybe you think we’re a little off-kilter, you’re someone who knows us to some capacity or maybe you’re interested in seeing how our lifestyle choices treat us and hope to learn from our mistakes and apply our successes. In any case, you’d like to know more about our family.

We are a family of five, much like any average family, trying to add richness to our lives, building memories and sharing experiences. We were bitten by the travel-bug early on, before the kids came along, and have made our homes (little “H”) in different cities as we moved but San Diego, CA will always be our Home (big “H”) and I’m sure it shows in our characters. I do not doubt that our adventures will be viewed through the lens of growing up in Southern California.

Follow us on our journey as we take on life’s challenges as unconventionally as we dare. From the pedestrian to the invigorating, the treasure is not found at the end but all along the way. It’s about playing the long game and enjoying the ride. Will you join us? The entertainment value alone should be worth the visits. Don’t be a stranger!

A New Beginning

Seasons. Our lives are nothing but changing seasons, no matter how much we try to fight it. It has been said that the only thing that is constant is change and I believe that, though I don’t always want to admit it, with all the fibers in my being. That said, the time is drawing nigh for the Hyatt Family to heed the call of our inner nomad. Continue reading “A New Beginning”