Mom Hyatt – Blog 3: Mama’s Traveling Solo

The only thing constant in life is change

The plan was to start traveling together as a family in January 2018, but it looks as if life is kicking me out the front door a little bit sooner than anticipated.

So I said okay, let’s roll with it! Continue reading “Mom Hyatt – Blog 3: Mama’s Traveling Solo”

Mom Hyatt – Blog 2: The Search Begins

This weekend we began to actively seek out our future home.

I had been keeping my eye on several travel trailers on Facebook Market Place over the past few weeks, and two really caught my attention.  So this weekend we were finally able to put in the offers, but just missed each one by a small margin of time.  Which is a bummer, but we’re okay with it.  Continue reading “Mom Hyatt – Blog 2: The Search Begins”

The First Time

As I watch our first outdoor fire as a family, controlled of course, I realize that I’ve never treated the girls to one, with the exception of in the fireplace. We’ve been to many occasions where a fire was lit but never one of our own, just for us to enjoy. The fire is just embers now as I sit and write this and I’m am nearly overcome with sadness.

We ate dinner by firelight, tiki-torches and bonfire, and talked a little about what lies ahead of us. We spoke of quieting the mind and learning to embrace the world around us. We looked at stars and airplanes and cloud formations. We took time away from social engagements and our phones, sat as a family and enjoyed the cool evening breeze, the fire and each other. This is a rare thing for us.

Usually, on the last night of the weekend, we hurry to prep for the week and then try to do something together, most times something on Netflix. Tonight was different and it made me happy to enjoy some quiet time in the presence of those who mean the most to me.

I loved this and I love that we are making plans to do things like this more often. Adventure on!