Mom Hyatt – Blog 1: Let it Begin.

As we start to take small steps and set goals toward our new life adventure, it suddenly becomes very real.

Some people are meant to grow deep roots, to settle down and have a solid foundation.  Others, myself included, have never felt that calling.  It’s the road that calls to me, it always has.  I’m fortunate to have a husband who also has this wandering spirit.  Together we passed it down to our children who share our sense of adventure and love of travel. Our family has uprooted several times.  We have lived in some amazing places, meeting some awesome people along the way, but no one place seems to hold us very long.

Our next step, to make the road our home, is both thrilling, exciting, scary and OMGWTHHAVEWEDECIDEDTODO!! all at the same time.  However, looking back on our life decision and adventures thus far in life, it all seems to have been ultimately pointing us in this direction.  Our small goal is to successfully become a full-time road tripping family for one year, starting in 2018.  After that year is done, we’ll re-evaluate, take stock of our ups and downs, our quality of life, and make another life-goal thereafter.

At this point we’re in the prepping stage.  Laying the ground work for the next upcoming year.  There are an overwhelming number of things for us to research and make decisions about over the next few months.  Thankfully in this day and age of Google, YouTube, Blogs, FB pages, etc. our prepping stage has been made somewhat less daunting.  Except for the fact that in learning more about what we need to do, more items we never even knew to know about are added to our list?!? And the list goes on and on… but we are starting to get a good grasp of what our personalized road needs and wants will be.  Slowly but surely it is all starting to come together.  At least in theory.  Now putting all that theory into action will be an adventure in and of itself for future blogs.

I think the best piece of advice I’ve come cross so far in my research was something a YouTube personality said for full-time road newbies.  To paraphrase, he stated that it’s easy to get lost in all the details, all the stuff you think you need or want, or are supposed to know or learn about, but all that really matters are “your keys and a vehicle that moves” – if you really want to be out there traveling, nothing is holding you back but yourself.

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