Mom Hyatt – Blog 2: The Search Begins

This weekend we began to actively seek out our future home.

I had been keeping my eye on several travel trailers on Facebook Market Place over the past few weeks, and two really caught my attention.  So this weekend we were finally able to put in the offers, but just missed each one by a small margin of time.  Which is a bummer, but we’re okay with it.  Hudson and I are firm believers that if something is meant to be, the universe will conspire to make it happen.  The good news and take away from this weekend is we now definitely have a feel as to what we are looking for in regards to our future trailer.  We’re going vintage.

Why vintage?

In our daily browsing and searching for travel trailers, trying to anticipate our future needs for a life on the road, looking over so many different types of trailers, our only pre determined specs were – bumper pull trailer, no longer than 25 feet and under 6,000 lbs.  We know we want to visit a lot of National Parks, which recommends 25′ or less as ideal to access the majority of the parks, and we know our current SUV has a towing capacity of 8,000 lbs.  It’s an older SUV so we figured 6,000 lbs or less would make it easier on the old girl.  We like the idea of being able to unhitch the trailer and still have use of a vehicle, which is why we opted for a bumper pull, but we didn’t have a clear image of what we wanted to travel in.  No pre-conceived notion of brands, years, or any other specs.

I started looking at late 90 early 2000 travel trailers.  I started to narrow it down to “lite” trailers, potentially with bunks, which led me to brands like Jayco, Lance, Apex, Dutchmen, Keystone.  I learned a bit more about RV specs, like tank capacities and stock feature amenities.  So with practicality in mind, I started my search for used travel trailers using listings like Craigslist, Facebook, Offer Up, etc. I kept seeing cute “ham trailers” or “vintage trailers” most needing TLC and most very small, 13 feet?!?  NO way would something like that fit my family of 5 and our daily needs…right?

To preface the next step in our decision, I’ll explain that YouTube has been a big part of my research.  Watching pro and con videos on the full time RV life style, what to do, what not to do, finding inspiration in vloggers who do this full time, getting ideas about the type of campers we might be.  It’s been a great resource for our next life adventure research.  The other day I came across an interesting video title on relaxshackDOTcom’s channel,  Family AND a Great Dane -84 Square foot DIY Camper!  This intrigued me since most of the channel’s content is about tiny houses.  So I watched it video link and something just clicked in my brain. It could be done.

I brought the idea up to Hudson, and he was on board with it.  He, being the highly creative/artistic soul that he is, likes working with his hands and the idea of a blank canvas, such as a gutted vintage trailer, seemed to appeal to him.  Also, the character of a vintage trailer seems to suite us as a family.

Yes, we know its a bit crazy to move a family of 5 into what could potentially be a very small space, but so is deciding to become a full-time road family.  At this point, all the rules of convention are being thrown out, so what is one more to us?  On the more practical side, our family isn’t jumping into something we are completely unprepared for.  We have always been a slightly unconventional family. With our background of traveling (a lot), we have couch surfed for long periods of time (like a year), learned to live out of one suitcase each, and have actually lived in a space less than 350 sq ft.  So making the leap to a vintage travel trailer seems to jive with who we are as a family.

We thrive in “making things work” and out of the box thinking, so I’m hoping these skills will serve us well on this next adventure.  We’re not sure what type of vintage trailer we will end up getting, and haven’t further expanded our specs aside from what we started with, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.  We know it’ll be a process and take a lot of work, but in the end, we believe it will be worth it.  (Hopefully, fingers crossed)


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