Mom Hyatt – Blog 3: Mama’s Traveling Solo

The only thing constant in life is change

The plan was to start traveling together as a family in January 2018, but it looks as if life is kicking me out the front door a little bit sooner than anticipated.

So I said okay, let’s roll with it!

I’ll be traveling solo to California on a travel nurse assignment the 1st week of November on an 8 week contract. This throws us a little bit of a curve ball, as far as our time-table and to-do list.  The main issue is we still don’t have a travel trailer.  We thought we’d have a little bit more time to look around and find one that fits us.  Obviously not having a trailer is kind of a big deal… since this will be our home for the next year!  Also, if we go our original route of purchasing a vintage trailer, Hudson will be the only one working on it.  With that in mind, we may end up getting something a little bit newer that is ready to hit the ground running, with minimal work required.  I still have hopes for a vintage trailer, but I have left that part of it completely in my husband’s hands.

The kids are still in public school, and we wanted them to finish up through Winter break which is in late December.  However, depending on how the trailer search goes, they will be meeting me in California at the end of November, Thanksgiving break, instead.  Which means, speeding up the time table with starting home schooling/road schooling.  [Mama is starting to get a little over whelmed]

Then there is the matter of downsizing all of our belongings, the majority of which needs to be done before I leave.  I kid you not, given the chance, my husband will take a large trash bag, and throw everything away without any “ragrets” (not even a single letter).  He will only regret this decision once he realizes he has no underwear left.  [Yes, I have learned this from experience.]

Then there is the normal loose-ends that come with any move, but especially a move out of state.  Mail service, forwarding addresses, closing down utilities, making sure your bank doesn’t close your account for fraudulent activity while you’re using your debit/credit cards out of state (I really hate that one), saying goodbye to friends, and all the other bits, bobs and ends that I’ve inevitably forgotten about, but which will be really really important when I remember them. [Why did I say yes to this new time table?!?]

It’s definitely going to be a bit of a bumpy ride in the beginning, but when life throws you lemons, toss back a couple shots of tequila and use them as chasers…that’s how that colloquialism goes right?? But in all seriousness, even though I may end up with a few more wrinkles and silver hairs, after all is said and done, I’m truly excited about getting the ball rolling on our adventures.

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