Mom Hyatt – Blog 5: This is happening…omg…

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How it feels at the moment! We know it’ll be worth it, but it’s definitely one of those eye opening moments when you realize you’ve spent a lot in order to live with so little! 😮💸 Continue reading “Mom Hyatt – Blog 5: This is happening…omg…”

Week Two – Update

SitRep: CJ loves her current assignment and has begun to adventure around Glendale, CA with friends and family.

The girls and I are about 70% done with our preparations to leave the house. Though we are still a few weeks away from purchasing our trailer, I’m researching what the Tahoe needs in preparation to pull our new digs. We’re all a bit restless with anticipation to begin this next step in our journey but not in a bad way.

My Amazon wish list is being compiled and I’m looking forward to reviewing/ testing some of the products we pick up, I’m sure there will be videos. A few of the items will be for meal prep/ cooking and I’m totally stoked for that part. Speaking of videos, I’m trying to put together an intro and outro for our Youtube channel and probably spending more time than I should and seriously over-thinking it as well. I just want it to be enjoyable and the Artist in me is nit-picky and ever the perfectionist. I once said: “I don’t fancy myself OCD” but my coworkers laughed at me. Apparently, I have a very specific way of doing things… haha.

Week One – Update

Sit-Rep: CJ just finished the first day of her assignment in Glendale, CA and I’ve stepped full-time into my role in this endeavor. Everything is proceeding as planned and we still have the better part of 8 weeks to get everything shipshape for the next step in our life-journey.

Over the next few weeks, the Tahoe will be getting some love before I commit to a trailer. I have my eye on a few that will do the trick but time will tell…

The countdown has begun and is nigh unstoppable. Not past the point of no return but I can feel it approaching.

Mom Hyatt – Blog 4: ’till Next Time

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This is it. This is the bag that will carry all my belongings when I board my flight. What I’ll be living out of the next several weeks. I’m a mix of emotions this morning as I start packing. Excited, nervous, sad, nostalgic, terrified, happy. When I get on that plane, I start a new adventure, but before you start a new adventure you must say goodbye to the old one. And I’m not much for goodbyes, I’m more of a “I’ll see you next time” person. During this trip I’ll be separated from my husband and kids, and that’s hard on any mama and wife. But all dreams require a sacrifice, and we’re all in agreement that I’m leaving for a little while so that we can begin our new adventures together sooner rather than later. We know not everyone understands our love of traveling, of trying new things and going to new places, having new adventures. That’s just how we are and we’re okay with that. The experiences, life lessons, and friendships we make are invaluable, beyond words and worth more than money. We fall in love a little with each place that we stay at and it breaks our heart a bit when we leave, but we must and such is life. So this little bag of mine which stands empty now will be filled by the end of today. My heart will also be filled with memories and joy of all that has come to pass here in Texas. I will say my “till next time”, take a deep breath, wipe away a tear or two and then I will be ready to start this next adventure.