An Apology

I was thinking about what I wrote in the blog entry A New Beginning and I would like to formally apologize to everyone who read it.

It was not my intention to sound condescending, like I felt everyone in the world who isn’t doing what my family and I are planning is wrong. We do for ourselves and our families what we think will be the most beneficial. Having a house, a career and building wealth for the future is not a bad thing. It is just not what the Hyatt family feels is important, right now.

Family dynamics are all different and what one family sees as outlandish may be the norm for others. I’ll admit that I am apprehensive about the course we’re on but that’s part of what makes it exciting for me. Please, don’t read into our adventures or posts as a poke in the eye about how your life isn’t as good as ours or good enough at all. We are choosing an unorthodox approach to living, one that many are not willing or able to take. You know what’s best for you and that is something CJ and I both understand. Your needs are not the same as ours and vice-versa.

CJ and I have explained to the girls that this path we’re about to take is not going to be easy or fun the whole time. It will be uncomfortable most of the time and there will be chores that will make you want to call in sick, if you could. From time to time, we’ll be tired and hungry, cold and hot, bug-bitten and dirty but we’ll also have awesome memories and stories to tell. Our adventure may well end up where it began or it might continue on indefinitely. Who knows?

Our intent, dear Reader, is to lay the groundwork that our children will build on as they grow. A sturdy foundation fortified with love and knowledge of the wideness of the world and the people who live in it. I want my  girls to love America, the land of their birth, no matter who our leaders are or what’s on the news. Seeing the wonders and the mistakes made over the course of history, the challenges people faced and how they overcame them, to know that a return to basics and living without some luxuries isn’t the end of the world.


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