Week Two – Update

SitRep: CJ loves her current assignment and has begun to adventure around Glendale, CA with friends and family.

The girls and I are about 70% done with our preparations to leave the house. Though we are still a few weeks away from purchasing our trailer, I’m researching what the Tahoe needs in preparation to pull our new digs. We’re all a bit restless with anticipation to begin this next step in our journey but not in a bad way.

My Amazon wish list is being compiled and I’m looking forward to reviewing/ testing some of the products we pick up, I’m sure there will be videos. A few of the items will be for meal prep/ cooking and I’m totally stoked for that part. Speaking of videos, I’m trying to put together an intro and outro for our Youtube channel and probably spending more time than I should and seriously over-thinking it as well. I just want it to be enjoyable and the Artist in me is nit-picky and ever the perfectionist. I once said: “I don’t fancy myself OCD” but my coworkers laughed at me. Apparently, I have a very specific way of doing things… haha.

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