Mom Hyatt – Blog 5: This is happening…omg…

From my IG:
How it feels at the moment! We know it’ll be worth it, but it’s definitely one of those eye opening moments when you realize you’ve spent a lot in order to live with so little! 😮💸 On the upside, downsizing continues as we move toward our “trial month”. We’ll be hitting the road in December, making our way from Austin, TX ⭐to San Diego, CA☀️🌴. This is a familiar drive and will let us work out the rough edges in our system before we tackle unfamiliar ground. We’ll be doing dispersed dry camping with a tent 🏕️, an SUV 🚙 and 3 kids 🙈🙉🙊 in tow. Slightly crazy?!? 😵🙃 Wish us luck, and tips on road life, awesome free camping spots and positive juju always appreciated!!! 🌈🍂

This is really happening!

I haven’t posted in a while (sorry) so to catch up, I had a wonderful time at my last traveling nursing assignment.  It was supposed to last until the end of December, but ended a month early instead.  Which means I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family! This was a blessing since I missed these bunch of weirdos!  However, this definitely moved up our time table and altered our plans somewhat.

Instead of getting a trailer to pull behind our SUV, we’re going to be heading out with just our SUV and tents! So primitive camping van-life style in an SUV. Go us!

The house is emptying out (so to is my bank account) and our SUV is starting to get full. I’m thankful we hit a lot of the Pre-Thanksgiving sales. We scored a lot of items for reduced price and I have family contributing additional camping gear to us. The time left feels like it’s both too much, yet so little.  There is still so much that needs to get done, but the dream is becoming a reality. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.  The thought “we’re really doing this?!?” goes through my head multiple times a day.  The clock is ticking down and ready or not, the road is waiting for us.


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