A Long Awaited Update

We’ve been on the road for ten days now without an update for the blog. We’ve been fully immersed in our adventure and just haven’t taken the time to write or we have been out of serviced areas. We have been posting on Facebook and Instagram when we get a chance but we’re still trying to get the hang of blogging. Please, stop by our social media venues for more frequent posts and photos.

So, we left a whole four weeks early? Yes! Circumstances arose and we met them head on, combating negativity with as much positive juju as we could muster. We don’t have a trailer but we’re finding that this leg of the journey is best served car camping.

Winter camping is beautiful but cold at night and in the morning. For the most part, we don’t have to worry about bugs and other critters that are active during the warmer months. The girls are having fun seeing the country as we drive through it and spending time outdoors. As of this writing, we’re in Flagstaff, AZ after spending a beautiful but chilly night in the Coconino National Forest.

Adventure on!

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