Mom Hyatt – Blog 6: We did it!

This update is definitely overdue.

Yes, we did it! We took our first step and leaped into our new life adventure.  There have definitely been ups, downs, and a lot of learning experiences along the way.  Some tidbits of wisdom learned early on; Get to your camp site and make camp before it gets dark! It’s a good idea to have a map that will work off-line before you loose cell signal/wiFi service, and it’s kind of hard to blog while on the road when your laptop is inaccessible…Among other things.

However, I wouldn’t take back what we are doing for the world.  There have been so many life lessons learned, beautiful places explored, meaningful family conversations, and a shift in how we perceive the world around us.

So far in our journey, we’ve been through 4 states. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. We’ve been to three National Parks: Carlsbad Caverns in NM, Grand Canyon in AZ and Joshua Tree in CA.  We’ve also had several smaller (but still awesome) stops. To list a few, Gila National Forest, Coconino Forest, Salton Sea Lake, Fort Phantom Lake, Julian, CA.

The kids, thankfully, have kept fighting and annoying each other to a minimum.  They’ve also been troopers throughout this whole trip, allowing Mom and Dad to maintain a modicum of sanity while being around them 24/7!

Carlsbad Caverns Jr Rangers

All 3 girls became Junior Rangers at the National Parks we’ve passed through, and they truly enjoy the Jr Ranger program.  They’ve learned so much, in a fun way, in such a short amount of time.  I’m impressed with how all the Rangers have interacted with the kids.

We are currently in our hometown of San Diego for the remainder of the Holiday season.  I have an awesome sister-in-law that has let us set up camp, literally, in her backyard, our “base-camp”.  While we’re stationary for a month or so, Hudson will be picking up a few shifts at the restaurant he previously worked for, and I’ve let my agency know I’m open to pick up a few nursing shifts while I’m in town. (Yes, we still work.)

We haven’t plotted our agenda for the next leg of our journey.  Possibly heading up the coast of California, making our way through the California National Parks, then making our way to Yellowstone for the summer.  Or, possibly making our way to the sites in Utah, Colorado, then starting from Northern California and working our way down the coast. We’ll hammer it out eventually.  At the moment, just trying to enjoy time with the family before we roll out once more.

Thanks for following our journey! Go live your adventure!

Collect Memories not Things HFA

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