Evelyn Hyatt, Young and On the Road

On our trip to California from Texas, things changed or needed to be done differently. This meant that some of the things I was used to doing a certain way have been altered. Change is the last thing kids my age want but there have been definite pros and cons in these changes. Personally, I am not someone that is hard to please, so there are many more ups than downs.

One of the things I think is awesome is how easy it is for us to see different non-city wildlife and wacky-looking plants. As a result, I have become more interested in birds and what they do. I’ve seen that some plants and animals can’t live in a city environment or are exclusive to a certain area. How many people can say that they’ve seen mule deer, ravens pecking their water jugs, or a random road runner dashing between cacti? Or that they’ve seen rare plants like Joshua trees? Few, that’s why I feel that our opportunity is special.

Another pro is how many places we’ve been able to see. For example, we have walked the southern rim of the Grand Canyon and explored one of the largest underground rooms in America at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. I never would have imagined doing these things or seeing what I’ve seen. Have you ever seen a beach where the sand is made up of barnacle shells and the remains of hundreds of dead fish? I have, at the Salton Sea in California. I have also been to more cities than I can count. Some were our destination and others we just passed through.

So far, I have only talked about the pros and for every good thing, there is something that isn’t so pleasant. One problem that bothered me the most is how long it took to set up and break down camp, especially if we had to take the black utility boxes off the roof of the car. To set up tents takes some time and the ability to be cooperative. More likely than not, you’ll probably be tired and the cold makes it even harder to function. Sometimes we had to dig up rocks and shovel gravel around for our tents. Bees and other bugs make the whole situation worse and if that isn’t enough, it all needs to be done before the sun sets!

Being a teenager, having no WiFi or cell service is a cause for worry. When we left for Cali, I had to leave all my friends behind and the only way to keep in touch with them texts, emails, and calls. My phone is also one of the only distractions available after the sun goes down. It gets dark between 4 and 5 pm, when no one is ready to go to sleep, so having a phone that functions as it normally should (all the time), would be preferable.

From our journey so far, I believe it is safe to say we’ve seen and experienced a lot of places and made adjustments as we traveled along.These alterations to our lifestyle are not the end of the world and my family and I will survive the difficulties. Life is a balancing act, most of the time and the good aspects are icing on the cake of our journey. Our adventures will not be greatly affected by the alterations, though they will shape our perspective, outlook and approach to our future and that is what is important.

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