Travel With Mei

Let’s begin with a little introduction. Please tell our readers your name, nickname, age and favorite food.

My name is Mei Hyatt, my nickname is Mei-Mei and I am [as of this interview] 8 years old. My favorite food is Mac and Cheese.

Can you tell us why Mac and Cheese is your favorite?

Its my favorite because it’s really cheesy.

Would it be safe to say that you like cheese?

Yes, but I’m lactose intolerant.

Oh, no! That’s unfortunate.

Shall we tell our readers about the first leg of our journey? The part where we traveled from Fort Worth to San Diego?


What were some of your favorite memories from that trip?

Um, going to see rock formations in the Carlsbad Caverns, spending our first night and morning at Fort Phantom Lake in Abilene, TX, camping with my family, drinking hot cocoa every morning and going to the Grand Canyon.

Sounds like you had some fun on the trip. Tell us about why you enjoyed Carlsbad Caverns so much.

Because it has pretty formations all over the cave and becoming a Jr. Ranger.

Is that where you earned your first Jr. Ranger Badge?


Tell us about how you earned your first badge?

To earn a badge, you have to complete certain pages of the Jr. Ranger book for each state park.

Did you have to explore the caves and learn about the different types of formations and how they were formed?

Yes. It was very dark and I needed a flashlight to see some of the formations.

What is your favorite type of formation and why?

My favorite type of formation are cave pearls, because they can be found in and around cave pools and because they look like pearls.

Describe Fort Phantom Lake in Abilene, TX and what made your time there so special?

What made Fort Phantom Lake so special was the way the moon sparkled on the surface when we arrived there after dark.

What did you like  about the Grand Canyon?

Seeing all the layers that make up the Grand Canyon and seeing different species of animals.

What kind of animals did you see?

Mule Deer, ravens and, I think, a hawk.

How about things you didn’t enjoy? I’m sure there were some of those too.

I didn’t like the cold weather, being in the tents when it was windy, bugs, barnacle shells at the Salton Sea and how uncomfortable leather seats can be sometimes.

What kind of bugs bothered you while you were out?

Moths, bees, wasps, flies and mosquitoes.

Did you have worry about them everywhere or just certain places.

Certain places. Andrews, TX had lots of bees and wasps. The resting place [Deming, NM] had moths that bothered us, too.

What about the barnacle shells at the Salton Sea? Why didn’t you like them?

They kept getting in my shoes and poking my feet.

What about sand? Did you get a lot of sand in your shoes, too?

A little bit of sand, but mostly barnacle shells.

Why mostly barnacle shells? Was there not a lot of sand?

The barnacle shells cover up most of the sand because the water in the Salton Sea became too salty and killed most of the animals living in the water except for Tilapia. So most of the beach is covered in their shells and bones.

That’s kind of gross. Was the Salton Sea a weird place to visit?

Very, because it smelled like salt and dead fish.

What about the cold and windy weather. Why didn’t you like that?

Because it made me feel really cold and the wind made it even worse. It just made me colder and sometimes it seemed like it would blow the tents over. I was scared because half of the tent was collapsing and I screamed because I was afraid I’d be trapped.

That sounds really scary.

Before we end the interview, is there anything else about the trip that you’d remember forever?

That I had fun during our trip.






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