LLotR#2: Original Post

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2 thoughts on “LLotR#2: Original Post

  1. Have you tried individual ingredients in dehydrated/freeze dried form? I got a set from “Harmony House” that included a selection to experiment with. I think that set was called “Backpackers Pantry” and I ordered it from REI or Amazon. You can save a lot of messy (slow) prep work but still start with your preferred ingredients. At least water flows from spigots at most commercial campgrounds!

    Imagine if you were the mother back in wagon train days? No fast food for Ma! She had to do everything from scratch after riding in a wagon (or WALKING alongside it) all day! 🙂

    Good luck!


    1. hudsonhyatt

      Thanks, Willo! I will definitely look into the Harmony House’ selection. I’m considering buying a dehydrator and using it to put together meal kits when we’re not traveling. As for the pioneer and frontier mothers, I wouldn’t last very long if I had their shoes to fill.

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