Mom Hyatt – Blog 7: Work Month

One of the main questions we get as a family, and I get personally, about our decision to travel full-time for the next year have to do with finances. How in the world are we traveling, with three kids, place to place, without working?  I can tell you right now that NO, neither myself or Hudson are trust-fund babies.  We didn’t secretly hit the Lotto, although that would be really really awesome! We don’t have any types of legal settlements, secret financial avenues or super lucrative side-hustles.  My stock-market dabblings are all limited to pocket change amounts via Acorns.

Acorns is an investment service that allows you to invest small or large amounts of your extra money in a portfolio of exchange traded funds.

The only thing going for us financially was our savings account, which did help partially fund the supplies and first leg of our trip, but which currently stands at empty. So how are we making this trip without a steady stream of income?

The truth is we do work.  However, the way we work is significantly different from the majority of people. We don’t have a typical Monday-Friday, 9 to 5 job, which gives the perception to others that we don’t work?

HCA 1 year

For myself, as a travel nurse, I’m able to accept contracted positions for specified amounts of time at various locations.  I’m also a registry nurse.

Nurse registries are companies who provide referrals to patients/facilities for skilled and unskilled nursing care. These companies maintain lists of nursing personnel, whom they ensure have the proper licensing and training, that they use to refer nurses acting as independent contractors to patients.

This allows me the capability to work and travel at the same time.  At the moment I’m working as a registry nurse, full-time, for the month of January while visiting family in San Diego. At the end of January we will be headed off to travel again.  Depending on the amount of take-home funds, we will be able to travel for another 2-3 months without me having to work.

Hudson, as a sushi chef and with his restaurant kitchen experience, has even more versatility when it comes to working.  As a family, we rely on him to be able to pick up work in an almost immediate nature as we travel. As a nurse, I have to jump through a certain number of “hoops”, such as drug testing, background checks, mountains of paperwork, facility orientations, state licensing, etc.  While I may end up with a greater take-home pay, my jobs require me to be in one place for a certain amount of time. Hudson can literally walk into a place, and get hired on the spot, with no obligation to stay long-term. This is extremely useful while traveling and if we ever need a cash boost between my assignments.

So that’s the answer to the burning question about our finances. Between our two job skills sets, we have figured out a way to make this life-style work for us.

Obviously, everyone has different skills sets, experience levels, and financial obligations. What works for me and my family may not work for others.  There are many other jobs and ways which people use to fund their travels, and just as many blogs and articles dedicated to telling you about those options, so I won’t get into those here. Just know, that nothing about myself or Hudson made us special. We simply decided to do something different.  We decided to intentionally go out and live our dreams, and we do what it takes to make it work for us and our family.

Best of luck in your own travels and thanks for journeying along with us!

Go live your adventures!

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