Travel Blogging Isn’t Easy – Lessons Learned On the Road

I’m compiling some of the lessons and interesting tidbits I’ve learned with the hopes of passing along useful information to fellow wanderers. Especially families of travelers similar to ours.

first world

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the itch to travel. I’ve dreamed of telling stories and sharing photos of where I’ve been with anyone interested. The funny thing is, now that I’m doing that, I’m having a difficult time doing the sharing part.

I’d like to blame it on the lack of WiFi or cell service or even the lack of time to charge my phone and hours in the day. The biggest problem I’ve had with blogging is the fact that I am too caught up in my experiences to be bothered to take notes, shoot video, or capture images. Is that such a bad thing though? Does anyone really care what I am doing while I’m doing it?

I haven’t been editing photos on time and I didn’t even start really thinking about our blog’s content until 2 weeks after we ended the first leg of our trip. I should have been taking notes and writing articles as we went but I haven’t. I guess the motivation to share may be what dictates the quality and frequency of our posts. Do we rush to share everything we do or just what we feel would resonate more with our fan base?

Maybe your blog features technical skills, survival tips or adventure. Are you sharing with the world in general, creating a resource for fellow travelers to use as they explore and the experience this crazy planet? Are there people waiting for your next post with bated breath? Perhaps your blog is much more humble than that, for the purpose of sharing your adventures with a small group of loved ones who’d like for you to check in from time to time.The point is, you have a blog to share your perspective and I’m sure there are people out there who want to see it.

We at HFA want to share our experiences with you. Not to show you that we’re cool and that our lives are way more awesome, but to let you see that adventure is waiting around the corner for you and that going out to meet it isn’t as difficult as you think. You may have to learn a few skills, make a few sacrifices or make sure you’ve got the right kind of clothing, but believe it or not, its pretty easy to be swept off into an adventure.

[Update: 07-17-18 HH] Still not easy. You really need to be intentional in creating content or you’ll just be sitting in a hammock enjoying the view…

Conclusion: Whatever your blog features and however you feature it, decide your pace for yourself. I believe that how you blog is less important than that you share it. Go, live your adventure!

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