Mom Hyatt – Blog 8: Bumps in the Road

Wow, there went February! I can’t believe how fast an entire month can fly by.  Not a single February blog, but at least I’m starting March off on the right foot.  Well not technically the right foot…I’m actually starting March off with a pretty banged up right foot.  Ouch! Just call me Miss Graceful.  We’ve had several bumps on the road on this trip, and this is just one of them.


It’s still been a fun adventure, but we definitely experienced some not so fun moments this time around.

Our first big hiccup happened on our Go-Day.  Our last errand before departing San Diego was to run to the pharmacy and pick up some of Hudson’s medication.  This “small” errand became a two and a half hour ordeal.  By the time we left the pharmacy, we had lost the light and our plans to drive up to our Temecula campsite was out of the question.  We stayed another night with my sister-in-law’s (she’s an angel) and left the next morning.

On the up side, our Temecula campsite was beautiful. We stayed at Dripping Springs campground in Cleveland National Forest.  With our All Access Park pass our campground fee was 1/2 price. I think we ended up paying $7.50.  Not bad at all.

Temecula campsite


The girls also had hours of fun at a place in Downtown Temecula called Pennypickle’s Workshop.  It’s an entire house (or set up as a house) with various rooms that allow kids to be interactive, very hands on with “the professors various scientific experiments and inventions.”

The girls enjoyed Pennypickle’s Workshop in Temecula

The rest of the trip went smooth.  We drove through Los Padres National Forest, stayed on a bluff in Big Sur overlooking a breathtaking view of the sky and ocean.


We stayed over at Stanislaus Forest and Yosemite for several days.

Our “family” picture at Yosemite

It was towards the end of our stay in Yosemite that Hudson’s medical issues started to affect him pretty badly.  We got into Sacramento a few days earlier to allow him to recuperate. We had planned a visit to see family, I was going to pick up a few nursing shifts, then we would make our way up to the Pacific North West.  That was the plan, but a few days into our stay, I missed the last 2 or 3 steps while going down the staircase.  It was a pretty bad fall.  Anything that could get sprained, torn and strained in an ankle and foot did.  Snap, crackle, pop! Ouch!

Needless to say Hudson and I were laid up and pretty much useless for the remainder of February.  I’m still recovering, but fortunately Hudson got better and he picked up a kitchen job.  My ankle is still pretty tender, so we decided to postpone our trip to the Pacific North West…bummer.

Overall, despite the bumps in this trip we’ve had a good time thus far. (Bruises and all, lol).


One thought on “Mom Hyatt – Blog 8: Bumps in the Road

  1. That looks pretty painful. I’m sorry that happened to you.

    Is there any more fundamental parenting lesson than learning how much is OUT of our control? Those bumps in the road… I think they ARE the road! 🙂

    I hope you are feeling 100% again soon.


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