Mom Hyatt – Blog 9: Reflections (part 1)

Why did we do it?

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” – Paulo Coelho

Why did we do it?

Long answer short: We did it because we could, we wanted to, so we did.

That never seems to be a satisfying answer to inquiring minds though.

Short answer long: We have always had a somewhat nomadic nature.  Not quite as in your face and obvious as traveling in and living out of an SUV, but in the entirety of our relationship, my husband and I have never lived in a place for more than a few years.  We’ve lived in several different states, and within those states we moved residences often.  Could we have stayed in places long term? Yes definitely, but we didn’t, or more to the point, we didn’t want to.

Both of us have always had a wanderlust spirit.  It’s easier to identify it in hindsight, but at the time it was simply the need to get up and go. Go anywhere, do something different. Routine always felt like a cage to us.

So what was the final push? How did we go from wanderlust spirits to actual wandering nomads?  For me, it was living the quintessential “American Dream” in midtown America.  Working in great careers with opposite schedules and hour-long commutes.  The kids going to the best school districts learning how to study for and take standardized tests. Making a decent living, but not doing any actual living.  Making good money, but no new memories.  We had achieved the type of life our parents could be proud of, but we never saw our families.

The days started to blurred into each other, then months, a year. Weekends were for cleaning up and catching up on errands.  Mornings were a chaotic dash out the door, nights were rushed dinners, hurrying to prepare for the next day where it would start over again and again and again.  What was clear to us was that this wasn’t our dream.

The realization that THIS life, everything we had, everything we were doing, everything we were at this point was supposed to be the pinnacle of our adult summit.  All we had left to do was work, raise our kids right, send them off to college one by one, and then retire. It felt like a hamster wheel, constantly running but going nowhere.

Then one day, we simply stepped off…and haven’t looked back.

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