Mom Hyatt – Blog 10: In ten years (part 2 Reflections)

Couldn’t you have waited like 10 years?

The days are Long, but the years are Short ~

Couldn’t you have waited like 10 years?

In less than 10 years my youngest child will legally be an adult.  Not only that, but her two sisters will be in their early 20s!  Wow. Those sentences felt like a dagger in my mama heart.  Time flies by so so incredibly fast.  I know it sounds cliché, but these past years of mommyhood seem to have occurred within the blink of an eye, the beat of a heart.

Statistically speaking, most adults that decide to transition, by choice, into full time road living are either in their early twenties or are retired, and most travel single or as a pair.  Family units living this type of life style are few and rare.

So how come we couldn’t wait another 10 years to do this?

In less than ten years time all three kids will be grown up (technically, at least legal). Hudson and I could then embark on our adventure as empty-nesters, hopefully with a nicely stashed nest egg to draw upon. Sounds like a good, rational, well thought out plan/goal right?…

First, who knows if we would physically be able to tackle this kind of life style 10 years from now?  Between me being a nurse and Hudson working in kitchens, we have a lot of wear and tear going on.  And while we’re working on getting in better shape and trying to be healthier all around, we’re not spring chickens, and our bodies have already been through a lot.  We’re banged up, and not getting any younger.  Having dealt with medical issues while on the road recently have made that clear.

Secondly, no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.  I know this rationale may sound morbid, and perhaps slightly preachy, but it’s the truth.  Humans are capable of such atrocious and unconscionable acts.  This has become more poignant especially in the type of world and times we seem to be living in.  Why put off for tomorrow what can get done today?

Thirdly, when I hear this question, what I perceive as the real underlying question is, “Don’t you think it was a selfish move on your part to uproot your kids so you could travel?”  This may or may not be what the questioner is truly asking.  Maybe it’s just the old shadow of insecurity rearing its ugly head as perceived judgement.

Underlying or not, the honest answer is there is nothing more valuable to me than the time I get to spend with my kids. Back when we were living our “normal” life style in a sticks and bricks home, there were times when the only form of communication I had with my kids was through text messages and facetime.  I was working an opposite schedule to theirs, so by the time I would get home, they were asleep, and by the time I woke up the next morning they were already off to school.  With our current life style, we spend an inordinate amount of time together as a family, often stuck together in the space of a packed SUV. Even when I feel my mom-sanity slipping, and think my kids are the last people on earth I want to be around, I’m still thankful for the amount of quality time I’m getting to spend with them now while they’re young, and still need mom and dad.

Lastly, the scariest thing about the unknown is taking that first step.  Just getting out the door and doing it was more important to us than how we were going to do it.  Life moves in seasons, where the only thing constant is change. We are embracing this season in our lives and enjoying our journey.

Traveling as a couple sans kids after we’re empty-nesters may be what Hudson and I eventually end up doing, but right now we’re enjoying our adventures as a family.  Yes, having the kids along does have its set of unique challenges, but I’d rather have these times, these shared memories and experiences over any well stocked up retirement nest-egg any day.

One thought on “Mom Hyatt – Blog 10: In ten years (part 2 Reflections)

  1. Nicely put.

    I bumped up against some of the same “time shock” because my oldest is a home schooler. Realizing it was time to “do high school” hit me hard. That means I’ve only got a few years “left” with my baby at home? Eek!

    Enjoy your journey.


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