Mom Hyatt – Blog 11: Our Next Adventure

life is a gift not a right.jpg
The secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift, not a right ~

It’s been four months since we started our full time adventure. We’re continually learning and making adjustments to how we live our new lifestyle. However, we seem to have found our rhythm and we’re enjoying each day as it comes. Learning to be content and present in each day.

Time has flown by during our time here in San Diego. This is our second time in our hometown during this adventure. We were also here for the Christmas/New Years holiday while Hudson and I worked in January to support our travels for February/March. We had to be back here for a wedding at the end of this month, and decided to arrive early and work this month in order to travel during May/June/July. Hopefully, finances and circumstances willing, we won’t have to return to work until August or September.

Now that we have a few trips under our belts, we have a better understanding of how we like to travel.  This may sound odd, but those who travel full-time tend to fall into certain types of traveling.  I’m sure there are actual terms and definitions, categories and probably even sub-categories regarding people who live full-time on the road, but from what I’ve seen, read about and experienced first hand there seem to be three major types of full time travelers.

  1. Those who use established campgrounds as their primary source of travel destinations.  These travelers tend to have memberships such as Thousand Trails, KOA, etc. and stay at RV campgrounds with full hook-ups wherever they may go.
  2. Those who stealth camp. These travelers seem to be either weekend warriors, who still live and work within the city full time, but have decided to not live in expensive apartments or houses in order to pursue their love of all things outdoors when they’re not working. Or those who travel full time, but like to remain close to the city center as their primary destination. These travelers decide to stay within the city limits and stealth camp.
  3. Those who disperse or dry camp. These travelers choose to forgo staying at established campgrounds or RV parks, instead opting to stay on National land, such as BLM (Bureau of Land Management), National Forest land, etc. and live off grid most of the time.

None of these broad categories is better than the other. A lot of full timers actually tend to do a mix of traveling, but may have a preference over the others.  As I stated above, there are probably many more different sub-types of travelers, and I’ve only given a very brief and generalized view-point of the types of  traverlers I’ve noticed thus far.

The point being, we as a family have determined that we prefer traveling off grid. We like dispersed camping, and tend to take roads which wouldn’t support bigger rigs. Our current set-up works well for our travel style, and we have a better understanding of what we need and use on a daily basis, versus items that just take up valuable space which we never use.  Since starting our journey, we’ve been able to downsize, purge, minimize and become more efficient with our limited space.  This is an ever evolving process as we adapt to living on the road full-time.

We’ve also become more efficient and applied the same type of purging to our finances.  Constantly revisiting the question, what do we need and not need in order to survive each month? We obviously minimized prior to the trip and during our trip, but in the same way that our possessions have continued to downsize, so to have our monthly living expenses.  It is truly amazing how much we can do without, and how many free or alternative resources/options are available for a variety things.  Necessity is also the mother of innovation, and there are things we simply never thought about doing/trying/using before because there was never a need.  This is definitely a topic which I will need to delve into later.

Some goals for this upcoming adventure.

  • We are really trying to get into the groove of providing more videos and content for our YouTube channel.  We’re trying to learn the balance between loving and living our lifestyle, and learning how to document and share it with others.
  • Putting out consistent blogs. Hudson wants to focus more on his product reviews, while I want to focus on more content such as this. The girls are also going to be writing at least one blog per month.
  • Continue documenting our experiences via Instagram, possibly providing more story snippets (wifi connection willing) as well.

These aren’t crazy goals, but they’ll be significant in helping us set up/establish some type of scheduled time to focus on our social media content, while also being able to enjoy our travels.

We only have about two weeks left in our San Diego adventures. Excited for what’s ahead, but being mindful to enjoy each day as it comes.  Thanks again for joining us on our journey! Till next time, go live your adventures!

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