Mom Hyatt – Blog 12: Gone to soon

I received news today that one of our friends in Texas has passed away. The news of his passing has shocked and saddened me to my core.  He was young, much younger than me and Hudson, and much too young to already be gone. He was a strong believer in Christ and volunteered with joy and faithfulness at church, which is how we met him.  He had started living healthier, and slimmed down quite a bit in the time we had known him.  He was the primary caretaker for his dad.  He was such a stand up all around nice guy. He had just found his dream job, doing something he was passionate about, and from his updates, had even gotten a recent promotion.  He was ready to find love and start a family, he loved kids and couldn’t wait to be a dad…

My heart is breaking for the loss of a life of someone who so much wanted to live.  I don’t understand it.  As a nurse, I’m around death, exposed to it often. This may be why I have developed such a Go Live Your Life attitude, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. You would think my heart would have gone a bit callous by now, but every loss is still painful. Especially those like my friend, so young, a story that seemed to be as yet unwritten. It’s not necessarily easier to accept the passing of someone older, or someone who has battled an illness for a while, but when you know someone has had a chance to live their life or has had the time to make peace with their own mortality, it seems less abrupt. Less like a severing.

He was a blazing shining star. A lamp of goodness that shone wherever he went.  He was a quiet, gentle yet powerful force that changed those who knew him.  I truly don’t think he understood that about himself.  He was such a humble guy, always willing to serve others over himself. He loved diet Dr. Peppers and Cool Ranch Doritos. He had survived a tornado in his younger years and had developed a love of meteorology.  He dutifully reported the weather forecast on his facebook page.  I used to rely on his weather updates more than the local news when I lived in Texas, and even as we traveled I loved seeing his updated weather reports.  It always reminded me of how crazy Texas weather could be.  I’m going to miss seeing those.

Seeing the outpouring of love and condolences for him, it’s clear to see that he was a very special guy. He impacted so many lives by just being who he was.  We may never know why God called him home so early. I pray comfort over his family and those who were close to him. I know that all those who knew him will continue to keep his gentle spirit and memory alive.  That we will remember him in happiness.

I pray that we all truly live the life we have been blessed with.

Rest in peace and love my friend. Until we meet again.

Your friend.



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