Mom Hyatt – Blog 14: 6 months

Hyatt Family Adventures – 6 months in

HFA fam pic Palo Duro Canyon

How is it already June? These past six months have flown by! It has been an incredible journey so far.  We’ve traveled through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado. We’ve camped at some pretty amazing places. From desert, to forest, to lakes, to beaches. It’s astonishing to look back and realize we’re actually doing it. Living out a dream that once upon a time seemed so far fetched.  Yet here we are, 6 months under our belt.

Most importantly, we’ve survived and thrived!

Hands down this has been the most life-altering decision we have ever made. To give up everything and say we’re taking a time-out in order to travel and explore the lower 48, is a pretty radical decision by most measures. Even more so when it applies to a family of five.  Aaand to make things more interesting, deciding to do it by living out of our SUV and tents, instead of in some sort of travel trailer or RV. That’s pretty insane. I’ll be the first to admit it.

Oh yes, life has had it’s challenges, but there have been some amazing highs along the way as well.  You learn to adapt and become innovative with problem solving living this life-style. Yes, I was definitely overwhelmed by anxiety when we first started, but I was also equal parts excited. We jumped right in and we were either going to sink or swim. Thankfully we’ve stayed afloat.

I can’t say we’ve been 100% full time on the road these past six months, since we have had the opportunity to stay with family and friends during our travels. I would say at this point in time our stats look more like 60/40. 60% on the road and 40% stationary while we worked, but it’s been an adventure 100% of the time, no doubt.

We’ve learned a lot about living on the road. We’ve learned our travel style and have adapted. We fall into our travel routine and being on the road feels comfortable, like an old companion. I’m proud of us and what we’ve learned, experienced, and accomplished so far. Every day is different and presents its own set of challenges, but we rise to it and get done what needs to get done. We make this life work. It’s far from perfect, but that’s the joy in life, the journey itself, the ups and downs, the challenges, the memories.

I’m excited to see what the next 6 months has in store for us.

Thanks for following our adventure!


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