The Road Back: A Long Awaited Update

All good things come to end, as they say, and so has our year-long adventure on the road. Just as we came face to face with a season of doubt and questioning at the established order of living life in America, so now we come to a season of re-establishment and re-institutionalization.

If you’re new to this site, here’s a little back story. A little more than a year ago, #hyattfam5 decided to take on a journey of learning, wandering and discovery, knowing that there was a looming deadline. The plan was to follow our feet for a year, re-examine our standing and make plans for the season ahead – whatever that season might be.

I can’t say that a hard restart was all sunshine and roses and neither is getting back on the horse. Our time on the road changed our approach and perspective on life. Needless to say, we’ll never be the same.We know things about ourselves and each other that we would have never learned had we not moved against our grain. We’ve accomplished most of the things that we’d intended to, personally and as a family.

Now, here’s the SITREP (situation report) on this season of our life adventure: #hyattfam5 is currently living in San Diego, CA – our home base as it were – where we are willing to commit as many as two years, subject to change. CJ and I have good jobs and the Chickens (Hyatt Girls) are finishing their academic year in a new homeschool program. We don’t have a permanent residence yet and the assimilation isn’t as smooth as we’d like but all is well. There are some newer videos coming to the blog soon but if you’re not in the mood to wait, you can find them on our YouTube channel and I have some articles coming down the pipeline. Just because we’re not actively traveling doesn’t mean that content will stop. It just takes us a while to get motivated to produce it – I’m trying to get better.

Until the next time,

Go live your adventure!


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