Another Season is Upon Us

In the year we were actively traveling, we saw and did things most Americans haven’t, and we consider it a blessing to have the memories of that season. We’ve accomplished everything we initially set out to do but we still want more!

#hyattfam5 has been around for longer than we expected and we thank you for joining us on our adventure. There have been many twists and turns, plans drawn and amended as we navigated our year out, many of them leading us to do things our own way. We embraced the lifestyle of #vanlife but we bent the rules to suit our needs, adapting as we went. This made our travel lifestyle unique, as it should be for every group or individual.

While we entertained the idea of living the #travellife full time, we never imagined it would change how we approach life in general. What started out as a family’s desperate and drastic move to do things we’ve never done together has become a lifestyle change.

That being said, the sun isn’t going down on our adventure. We’re regrouping and making plans for another trip! When we first started out, we didn’t know what we were looking to do we just knew we had to go but be in San Diego, CA for Christmas. This time, we’ve got a deadline to meet, a timeline to follow and a finish line to cross.

With this new approach comes a rebranding. We have a certain style and flair that is unique to us and that is the foot we want to put forward. We don’t have any big-name affiliations or agendas, we just wanted to take our blog to the next level. We have a new home from which we’ll be blogging and adding new content. Not to worry, we’ve brought along our archives. We’re planning to have a greater social media presence and along with sharing our stories and experiences, we plan to start doing product reviews, tutorials and maybe even some cool wearables!

There will no longer be updates to these webpages but we will not delete any content, most for posterity. We can still be found on the same social media outlets so don’t worry about finding us again. isn’t completely finished but you’re welcome to stop by for a look-see.

Until the next time,

Go live your adventure!


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