Another Season is Upon Us

In the year we were actively traveling, we saw and did things most Americans haven’t, and we consider it a blessing to have the memories of that season. We’ve accomplished everything we initially set out to do but we still want more! Continue reading “Another Season is Upon Us”

Change is Inevitable – Lessons Learned On the Road

I’m compiling some of the lessons and interesting tidbits I’ve learned with the hopes of passing along useful information to fellow wanderers. Especially families of travelers similar to ours.

Life is what it is. It doesn’t take a break just because we’ve decided to step away and do things a little differently. In everyday life, situations and circumstances pop up along our paths forcing us to make decisions. Challenges and opportunities create a fork in our road, which is how Hyatt Family Adventures started in the first place. The truth is simple: there is always a choice; always options. We may not like our choices but that doesn’t change the fact the they are there. We could go back the way we came, continue with no change, start in a new direction, or forge our own way. The exciting/scary part comes from deciding on and then implementing a drastic change to the right, left or into the unknown.

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10 Reasons to Nix the #travellife

Is #travellife a fad? Can a travel lifestyle be sustainable and enjoyable? Will I ruin my future by detaching from the norm and letting the road sweep me off my feet? Will people be accepting of my lifestyle choice? These are only a few of the questions I’ve asked myself since #hyattfam5 took off in the winter of 2017. The short answer to all the questions that plague me is: Yes. However you plan to do it: car, hotel, van, SUV, bicycle, backpack, helicopter… maybe you shouldn’t. Continue reading “10 Reasons to Nix the #travellife”

Stealth Camping: Urban Camouflage

When #hyattfam5 first set out on our adventure, I never thought we’d decide to “stealth camp” but that’s just what we did for a decent part of our Central California stay. We were hesitant to do so but we made up our minds to change up our adventuring style (more on that in the near future) and this seemed to be the best way to do it.

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