Week One – Update

Sit-Rep: CJ just finished the first day of her assignment in Glendale, CA and I’ve stepped full-time into my role in this endeavor. Everything is proceeding as planned and we still have the better part of 8 weeks to get everything shipshape for the next step in our life-journey.

Over the next few weeks, the Tahoe will be getting some love before I commit to a trailer. I have my eye on a few that will do the trick but time will tell…

The countdown has begun and is nigh unstoppable. Not past the point of no return but I can feel it approaching.

Mom Hyatt – Blog 2: The Search Begins

This weekend we began to actively seek out our future home.

I had been keeping my eye on several travel trailers on Facebook Market Place over the past few weeks, and two really caught my attention.  So this weekend we were finally able to put in the offers, but just missed each one by a small margin of time.  Which is a bummer, but we’re okay with it.  Continue reading “Mom Hyatt – Blog 2: The Search Begins”