Mom Hyatt – Blog 13: Traveling and Mental Health

Name three things in your life, that you are doing strictly for yourself, that make you happy. These three things cannot include your kids or significant other, or things you do for, with, or about your kids or significant other. What three things make you happy? Continue reading “Mom Hyatt – Blog 13: Traveling and Mental Health”

Mom Hyatt – Blog 11: Our Next Adventure

life is a gift not a right.jpg
The secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift, not a right ~

It’s been four months since we started our full time adventure. We’re continually learning and making adjustments to how we live our new lifestyle. However, we seem to have found our rhythm and we’re enjoying each day as it comes. Learning to be content and present in each day. Continue reading “Mom Hyatt – Blog 11: Our Next Adventure”